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Survival Stories: Harper

January 16, 2015

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Survival_Swimming_Lessons_Perth_Survival_Stories_harperOur daughters, Lily and Harper, both took swim lessons with Infant Aquatics℠ last February-April. We put Harper in a refresher course last f Autumn because we were moving into a home with a pool. The pool has a pool fence around it and there are multiple doors out to the patio. On nice days like today, we leave the doors open and let the girls wander back and forth from the patio to play.


Tonight my husband went to pick Lily up from school. I stayed behind with Harper and Greyson, their little brother. While I was feeding him, Harper walked out onto the patio. I kept my eyes on her until she walked out of view. Typically not a big deal, as we’d wait a few moments and either go check on her or wait for her to walk back into view. Since I was feeding Greyson, I didn’t get up to check on her after a minute or so. And then I heard a huge splash. I immediately put the baby down and ran outside to find Harper in the pool. Thankfully, she was floating as she was holding onto the pool blanket, crying, but still… FLOATING. And CRYING, which meant that she was alive and breathing. In what seemed like forever to get the pool gate open and for me to get to her in the deep end, she just cried and floated. I got her out, wrapped her up and congratulated her on floating, fighting back the tears. I didn’t want her to be afraid and I didn’t want her to see me cry. I quickly said a prayer over and over again, thanking God for Tiny Bubbles and the skills that you’ve taught my daughters. We will continue to tell others about you and will continue to thank you for the invaluable lessons bestowed upon our family.

I think that Harper was able to squeeze between the space where the pool fence meets the screen enclosure. She hadn’t ever attempted it before, but now we know it’s possible. I just can’t stop thanking you enough.

With love and never-ending gratitude,
Ashlee and Jeff Register

January 2015


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