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Survival Stories: Keegan

November 16, 2016

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Survival_Swimming_Lessons_Perth_Survival_Stories_Keegan A few months ago my 2 year old son was found floating in our pool. It happened in a matter of seconds. I thought he was with my mom and she thought he was with me. Little did we both know, he had made his way to our pool area unsupervised. I heard a scream and jumped up to see my mom standing over him screaming, “Keegan is in the pool!” We immediately grabbed him and looked at one another thanking God almighty that he was taught Infant Aquatics survival swim  just a couple months prior.


The swim-float-swim method saved my son’s life, because he was floating upright. All the more reason to continue with refresher courses to ensure his future pool safety. So as of this Monday, Keegan is back at it Infant Aquatics to strengthen his swimming skills, because drowning knows no season. Thank you Infant Aquatics for having such an awesome program that has taught all three of my children survival swim.


From: Amy Leet McKee
November 15, 2016


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