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Survival Stories: Griffin

April 16, 2018

Blog Splash, Survival Stories

Survival_Swimming_Lessons_Perth_Survival_Stories_GriffinThe week before school started I took my daughter Logan and her friend to Gateway Park to play putt putt. My three year old son Griffin came along, outfitted for the occasion in his Spiderman tennis shoes, shorts and polo shirt. My focus was on the girls, and I never knew that Griffin was trying to retrieve his ball from the big pond with the pink elephant that squirts water out of its trunk.


Suddenly I turned and spotted the top of Griffin’s head in the brown pond. The rest of him was totally submerged. I stood frozen for an instant as he popped up, rolled onto his back, then calmly flipped onto his tummy and climbed out of the pond. I ran over to him asking “Griffin, are you all right?” He grinned, gave me “the look” and nonchalantly replied, “Oh mom, Coach Judy taught me to always get on my back whenever I need air.”

So that’s my success story for Infant Aquatics for Griffin, putting his swimming to the test at Gateway Park!


Laura Tidstrom


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