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So what is survival swim?

October 16, 2018

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What is this survival swim program we talk so much about?

What it isn’t!

Thousands of children are enrolled in swimming lessons all around Australia, and the world. We often hear from parents that their child started in classes at 3 months but still can’t swim 3 or 4 (or 5!) years later. It is horrifying to know that parents commit to term after term of lessons, year after year, but don’t see results – their children are still unable to save themselves if an accident was to happen around water.

So what exactly are parents paying for ??? An activity to keep their child busy? Entertained? Socialising? That isn’t what parents are signing up for! They enrol their child in swimming lessons expecting the classes to teach their child to swim. Yes, eventually. Or yes, sooner if they are with a rare teacher who knows how to progress them. But sadly, the “average” swimming lesson is not getting children safe in water any time soon. And worse, this leaves children vulnerable and at risk through years and years of lessons.

What is being done?

The majority of millions of dollars from Government goes towards lessons for primary school age children, not our highest risk age group. In the last 5 years, 114 children haven’t made it to their 5th birthday due to drowning. That is a lot of families cheated of watching their children grow as little people. It is devastating, and unnecessary.

Discriminated Viewpoints

Sadly, survival swim is widely misunderstood and condemned which makes parents hesitant to enrol, or even enquire about it. Unless someone has been to watch our lessons in action, or has put a child through our program, they are not expert on what we do and not able to provide an unbiased opinion on the Waterwise survival swim program. Our facebook page has many testimonials from thrilled parents, as well as videos showing children in the program – some of whom don’t want to get out of the pool after their lesson!

The nay-sayers unfortunately leave our children in danger and do not help us reduce drownings.

What Survival Swim can do

Survival swim is an incredible program that gets children safe and loving swimming quickly. Children 6 months to 6 years can be safer in just a few weeks. All the details about this program are on our website Infant Aquatics Perth.

Drowning Prevention

Drownings happen in an instant and not always just during swim time. In Australia, more drownings happen at beaches, lakes and rivers than backyard pools so please don’t be complacent if you don’t have a pool at home. Every child needs to know how to survive – then thrive! – in water.

Please contact us today to discuss how we can help your family. We are passionate about drowning prevention, and about helping the families in our communities.


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