About Survival Swim


The Need

Did you know that drowning is the leading cause of unintentional injury death in children aged 1–3 years. Sadly one child under the age of 5 drowns in Australia every week - and many others suffer permanent injuries as a result of near drownings. . .

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What is Survival Swim

The most essential survival swimming skill we will teach your child is to roll from a face-down position in the water to a face-up independent back float. If your child falls face down into the water, knowing how to roll onto a face-up back float can save a life...

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The Benefits

Infant AquaticsSurvival Swim system is an extraordinary program . Your child will learn life saving aquatic survival skills in just 3 to 6 weeks! The are many benefits of the program, both for your little one, as well as for you as a parent...

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Why Infant Aquatics℠ 

Highly trained and skilled Infant Aquatics℠ Survival Swim instructors accomplish close to 160 hours of in-water training and education in child development and behavior before receiving their registered Infant Aquatics℠ certification...

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The Program

Lessons are 10 minutes each. Children need to attend a minimum of 3 days a week, 5 is ideal. Most students need approximately 20 - 30 lessons to complete the program. The more lessons they can do in a week, the faster they will get skilled...

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What to Expect

The first few lessons will be about your child and instructor getting to know each other. Don’t expect too much progress in the first week, it takes time for your child to trust a new person in the water. Your child will be submerged so they can...

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Frequently Asked Questions

As a concerned parent, we know that you must have some questions swimming around your head as to whether or not Infant Aquatics Perth’s Survival Swim program is right for your child and worth the investment...

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Meet Our Instructor 

Our lead instructor Stacy has undergone the Infantaquatics™ training and certifications course, qualifying her to use the revolutionary Swim-Float-Swim method to teach babies and toddlers this excellent drowning prevention technique...

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Our Location

Our private, heated, indoor facility was custom built in 2017. We have lessons 7 days a week during school terms and run holiday programs too. Our 15.5 m long pool is kept at a constant temperature of 32.5 degrees, making it suitable...

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Parent Testimonials

Deciding if Infant Aquatics℠ is right for you and your little one? Then take it from other parents that have been through the course with us and read through these testimonials taken from parents of past and current Survival Swim students ...

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Survival Stories

Read these harrowing real life stories of how the Infant AquaticsSurvival Swim system saved the lives of these children that found themselves in  trouble, written by grateful parents who were spared the most dreadful nightmare scenario...

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Survival Swim Videos℠ 

Watch these incredible videos of Infant Aquatics℠ Survival Swim in action. It really is quite something seeing these little tots swim-float-swim all on their own. Not convinced? These videos of survival swim in action will put your mind at ease...

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