The Benefits


SWIM•Float•SWIM!℠ is an extraordinary program . Your child will learn life saving aquatic survival skills in just 3 to 6 weeks! This is possible because our certified Infant Aquatic Survival℠ instructors give each student one-on-one attention and use proven methods of child aquatic safety. We not only teach babies as young as six months to safely float. We also teach children up to twelve years to develop strong swim strokes. No other system has such quick, consistent results.

Roll over breathing is a technique that many schools and learn-to-swim teachers don’t even attempt because it takes time, skill and patience. But once children learn to roll over to float, relax and breathe whenever air is needed, they can truly swim, stay afloat, conquer fear and experience the joy of swimming.


Infant Aquatics℠'s Float-Swim-Float survival swim training offers the following benefits, among others:

Benefits for your little one

First and foremost, your little one learn a valuable skill that may just save their life one day, in the event of a water related accident. 

Secondly, with an early adoption of swimming, your little one will gain a lifelong confidence and love of water, that will bode well as they grow older. Their swimming progress is far accelerated beyond what they will get from any other program and they achieve these skills in weeks compared to years, allowing them to go from strength to strength in the water and be well advanced ahead of other children who have not had these survival swimming lessons. 

What's more, by learning such a skill at such a young age, it is likely that your child's survival swimming lessons will have a positive impact on other areas of development. 

Benefits for Mum and Dad

Firstly, parents have peace of mind that children have reliable water skills IF they were to get to water unseen and unheard - children can swim or float for those few seconds you may not have realised they were missing. This peace of mind is priceless, as is the life of your child, and you can rest assured that you have taken extra steps to safeguard your little one from the number one cause of toddler deaths in Australia. 

Secondly, because children get skilled so quickly, you save a lot of money on swimming lessons paying for term after term and seeing little results for your money.  The survival swim system gets your child safe in the water for less money, and also speeds up their further swimming development. 


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