The Program


Infant Aquatics℠ Survival Swim: Structure of the Program.

From Day One to Graduation

Lessons are 10 minutes each. Children need to attend as many lessons a week as possible - 5 is ideal. Most students need approximately 20 - 30 lessons to complete the program. The more lessons they can do in a week, the faster they will get skilled and the easier it is for them to pick it up.

All lessons are done one-on-one. This ensures your child gets 100% of the Instructor's attention to progress them as quickly as possible. You are not required to be in the water until your child has some skills to show off to you. We get a lot done in our short lessons to get your child skilled within weeks, not years.

Children learn how to swim and how to float. They also learn how to rollover and float on their own, completely unaided. Students graduate when they can "fall" into a pool, fully dressed, and rollover and float on their own. Thereafter they continue practicing once a week to improve their swimming ability and maintain their skills. Practice can be with a parent, but we strongly recommend keeping your child in a maintenance lesson once a week. From around Age 3, your child will learn Stroke Development in their maintenance lessons too.


Beyond 'Graduation'

Children are not "drown proof" because they have done the basic training - they are skilled but still require 100% supervision as well as the opportunity to keep learning in the water. If you are unable to continue with weekly lessons, please practice with your child once a week if possible. Without practice, the skills get rusty and may need to be refreshed after a few months - you never know when your child might need them so it is best to make sure they are always still skilled.

Graduation Guarantee  

The course fee is a once-off payment for as many lessons as your child needs. We won't quit on your little one until they have 'graduated'  to being able to fall into a pool fully clothed and successfully perform the swim-float-swim sequence, even if it takes them more lessons than usual. However, please make sure your child attends every scheduled lesson, unless they are physically unwell and unfit to swim, so that they can get the most out of your investment.

(Payment plans from $33 per week are available for families unable to pay the full course fee upfront.)

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