About Waterwise Swim School Perth


"After years of spending term after term of teaching children and adults to blow bubbles, put their face in the water, or do beautiful kicking legs, I knew there had to be a better way to teach water safety."  

 Stacy Gower, Survival Swim Specialist & Founder of Waterwise Perth Swim School

Waterwise Perth: Committed to Drowning Prevention.

Waterwise Perth Swim School was started to address the need to offer residents and their children an effective and affordable option for learn-to-swim and stroke development swimming lessons in  Perth, Western Australia.

Our team are passionate and love what they do, and together we have helped thousands of children and adults become Waterwise and ensure they are safe in and around the water. We are committed to drowning prevention in Perth and it governs all that we do and is the methodology behind our various classes!

From Newborns to 6/7 years old

We offer water familiarisation Parent & Child classes for infants from 6 weeks. They are too young to learn survival swim but not too young to begin their aquatic adventure!

Survival swim classes can start once infants are rolling over front to back, or when they are crawling.

Older children up to about 6/7 years of age can learn survival swim too if they are not yet swimming and safe by that age.

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4 Whyalla Street, Willetton | Telephone: (08) 6107 3699 | Email: info@infantaquaticsperth.com
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