Meet Our Survival Swim Instructor


Our lead instructor Stacy has undergone the Infantaquatics™ training and certifications course, qualifying her to use the revolutionary Swim-Float-Swim method to teach babies and toddlers this excellent drowning prevention technique, having your little one Waterwise within weeks, not months. By enrolling your child in our Survival Swim program you will have the peace of mind knowing your child is prepared for any aquatic related accidents. 

Meet our Certified Infant Aquatics℠ Survival Swim Specialist, Stacy Gower


Waterwise_Infant_Aquatics_Survival_Swim_Swimming_Lessons_Perth_instructor_stacy_gower.jpgMy name is Stacy Gower and I have been a swimmer all my life. Since 2007, I have had the pleasure of teaching thousands of children to swim and am passionate about teaching water safety and survival swimming. This passion developed as a result of watching babies and children who, after taking years of swimming lessons, would panic and sink when they were out of their depth. That led me to realize that teaching survival swimming can help to lower the drowning rate in the under 6 age group in Perth, Australia.


I founded Waterwise Swim School, Perth as a safe place to teach a curriculum of safety and survival swimming before formal strokes are introduced. Children learn various ways of dealing with adversity in the water and are equipped with the life-saving survival swimming skills they might need should an unexpected incident occur around a pool or other body of water. In Perth we have many rivers, lakes and amazing beaches that are great places to enjoy swimming but also pose a threat to little ones who are unskilled.

If you have a pool, or are often around water as many families in Perth, Western Australia are, it makes sense to enroll your children in a program that will give them a lifelong skill and enable them to love the water at an early age. Call or email today to get started!


Stacy holds the following swimming instructor qualifications and certificates:

Survival Specialist, Pedia Swim Instructor, Austswim Teacher of Swimming, Austswim Teacher of Infants and Pre-Schoolers, Austswim Teacher of People With Disabilities

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